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Species Alterations Caused by Nitrogen and Carbon Addition in Nutrient-deficient Municipal Waste Landfills

Author(s): Kim, Kee Dae

Journal: Journal of Ecology and Field Biology
ISSN 1975-020X

Volume: 30;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 161;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: Carbon addition | Disturbance | Nitrogen addition | Nutrient impact | Species alteration | Waste landfill

The ultimate target of restoring waste landfills is revegetation. The most effective method forincreasing species richness and biomass in nutrient limited waste landfills is the use of fertilizers. The aim ofthe present study was to investigate the effects of nitrogen fertilizer, and the addition of carbon through sawdust,sucrose and litter, on vegetation dynamics at a representative municipal waste landfill in South Korea:Kyongseodong. A total of 288 permanent plots (0.25 m2) were established and treated with nitrogen fertilizer(5, 10 and 20 N g/m2), sawdust (289 g/m2), sucrose (222 g/m2) and litter (222 g/m2). The aboveground biomasswas significantly enhanced by nitrogen fertilizer at 5 and 10 N g/ m2, compared with the control plots. The totalcover of all plant species increased significantly on plots treated with 5 and 20 N g/m2, as well as on thosetreated with sawdust and sucrose, compared with the control plots. The higher species richness after nitrogenfertilization of 10 to 20 N g/m2, and the sawdust and sucrose treatment demonstrated that this was an appropriaterestoration option for nutrient deficient waste landfills. This study demonstrated positive nutrient impactson plant biomass and species richness, despite the fact that municipal waste landfills are ecosystems that arehighly disturbed by anthropogenic and internal factors (landfill gas and leachate). Adequate N and C combinedtreatments will accelerate species succession (higher species richness and perennial increase) for restoration ofwaste landfills.
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