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Species diversity and distribution of scleractinian coral at Xisha Islands, China

Author(s): Hui Huang | Feng You | Jiansheng Lian | Jianhui Yang | Xiubao Li | Zhijun Dong | Chenglong Zhang | Tao Yuan

Journal: Biodiversity Science
ISSN 1005-0094

Volume: 19;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 710;
Date: 2011;

Keywords: scleractinian | diversity | distribution | Xisha Islands | Hainan

Coral surveys at Xisha Islands in the South China Sea in 2006 recorded 188 species and subspe-cies in 45 genera and 13 families. Combined with literature records, a total of 204 species of scleratinian. corals in 50 genera and 13 families are known from the Xisha Islands, a list which includes almost all known species in China as well as 62 new record species. The scleratinian fauna was dominated by branching spe-cies which are generally rapidly growing corals. Various diversity indices revealed that the reefs at Huaguang, Treasure Island and Yongxing Island exhibited the highest species diversity. With increasing at-tention paid to coral reef conservation, it is desirable to establish key protected areas based on the character-istics of scleractinian species diversity and distribution.
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