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Species diversity of segetal plant communities in the early Neolithic settlement area of the Ślęża Landscape Park

Author(s): Jadwiga Anioł-Kwiatkowska | Zygmunt Kącki

Journal: Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae
ISSN 0001-6977

Volume: 75;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 257;
Date: 2006;
Original page

Keywords: segetal flora | weed communities | Ślęża Landscape Park | endangered species | species diversity | early Neolithic settlement

The paper contains results of investigations carried out in crop fields within the protected area, which is an important refuge of species diversity in grounds dominated by large-area farms. The segetal vegetation is represented by 13 plant communities, the development of which is influenced by various tillage manipulations. As a result, the segetal flora of the Ślęża Landscape Park is heavily threatened and the structure and species richness of phytocoenoses are distinctly transformed. This is reflected in the frequency of weed occurrence in crops (i.e. there is a small group of common species and a very numerous group of species with 1 or 2 localities), as well as in values of biocoenotic indicators, e.g. the values of diversity indicator H vary between 1 and 3.5. An analysis of archaeophytes participation (frequency and numbers) in ATPOL squares indicates their significant connection with archaeological sites of the Neolithic settlement. Particular adherence to the early Neolithic settlement areas shows a group of species from the Caucalidion alliance. The richness and diversity of the Park vegetation, conditioned by many hundreds of years of agriculture, are now strongly transformed and have become impoverished. Establishing the Landscape Park, in order to preserve the natural-landscape character of the environment and its cultural and historical values, does not ensure the protection of both the species and the phytocoenotic diversity of this area.
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