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Spectrophotometric determination of gatifloxacin in pharmaceutical formulations and biological samples

Author(s): Sivasubramanian Lakshmi | Muthukumaran A

Journal: Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
ISSN 0250-474X

Volume: 68;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 672;
Date: 2006;
Original page

Three new simple and sensitive spectrophotometric methods in ultraviolet region have been developed for the determination of gatifloxacin in bulk drug, pharmaceutical preparations and biological samples. Gatifloxacin exhibited maximum absorbance at 289 nm (method A) with apparent molar absorptivity of 1.23x10 4 l/molxcm when dissolved in sodium hydroxide; and maximum absorbance at 292 nm (method B) with apparent molar absorptivity of 1.71x10 4 l/molxcm when dissolved in hydrochloric acid. Third developed method (method C) was based on the formation of yellow coloured chromogen with ferric chloride and potassium dichromate, which showed maximum absorbance at 352 nm with apparent molar absorptivity of 1.23 x 10 4 l/molxcm. Beer′s law was obeyed in the concentration range of 5-30 µg/ml. Results of analysis of all methods were validated statistically and by recovery studies.
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