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Speleološki objekti planinskih masiva SZ Hrvatske

Author(s): Ozimec, Roman | Šincek, Dubravko

Journal: Radovi Zavoda za Znanstveni Rad Varaždin
ISSN 0352-9509

Volume: 15;
Issue: 22;
Start page: 201;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: speleology | Karst | caves | pits | data base | biospeleology | Supradinarik | NW Croatia

Geological structure of NE Croatia is characterized with big differences in lithological texture, intensity of tectonical upending, continuance and range of continental phases, same as transgression, thick and superposition of rocks and other geostructural elements.Even carbonate rocks in this region doesn’t occupied important surface, they are important due to development of karst with important number of karst features.Two carbonate units are karstified here: older, Triassic, mostly build by dolomite rocks, and younger Upper Baden unit, build by calcite. Four types of karst have been found here: deep Triassic, shallow Triassic, Triassic-Upper Baden and Upper Baden. Most expressed Karst features have been presented on mountains: Ravna gora Mt., Strahinjščica Mt., Ivanščica Mt., Kalničko gorje Mt., Varaždinsko- toplička gora Mt., Strugača Mt., Koštrun Mt., Kuna gora Mt., Cesargradska gora Mt. and Medvednica Mt.Using of speleological objects start already long before civilization, supported by rests of Neanderthal hominids, found on several locations in region. First literature reference dated in 1801 and scientific speleological researches started at the end of 19th Century and continued during 20. Century.Since 2003 systematic research of region is organized by Croatian Biospeleological Society (CBSS): Veternica cave (2003-2004), Medvednica Mt. (2004-2005), Ravna gora Mt. (2006-2007), Ivanščica Mt. (2008) and Strahinjščica Mt., Cesargrad Mt. and Kuna Mt. (2009).Speleological data base with 165 speleological objects on NW Croatia is established including many data of each object as: exact name and position, dimensions, geological, geomorphological, hydrological, elements; climatic and ecological data; list of animal taxa; paleontological and archaeological potential, but also eventual endanger and necessarily of protection. Speleological data base include also topographic plan of each object, photo documentary material, same as list of complete references.This data base is most complete base of speleological objects of mountains of NW Croatia and will be base for future integral and specialist researches. Also will be an important part for professional documents for promulgation of Nature Park including most value parts of mountains Ravna gora, Maceljsko gorje, Strahinjščica and Ivanščica, and will be after Medvednica Mt. Nature park, second in region of NW Croatia.
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