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Speleološko djelovanje Mirka Maleza

Author(s): Ozimec, Roman | Cvitanović, Hrvoje

Journal: Radovi Zavoda za Znanstveni Rad Varaždin
ISSN 0352-9509

Volume: 15;
Issue: 22;
Start page: 79;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: speleology | kars | Dinarides | caves | pits | Mirko Malez | palaeontology | anthropology.

Since the very first beginning of his research work, started in 1946 Year, academian Mirko Malez has been recognised as very active and productive speleologist. In the frame of speleological researches he work on basically speleological recognising, physical research of caves and topographic plans. Due to fact that he was geologists, he has work also on other specialised researches: geology, geomorphology, genesis, hydrology, tectonic, palaeontology, archaeology, microclimate, biospeleology and other. In frame of research he regularly made photo documentation, what is today important professional and historical document of his researches. He works also on: cadastre development, speleological history, prompting and publication of speleological works and other. Therefore, it is not surprise that among 425 publications, of them more than half scientific works, majority belong to different aspects of speleology.His speleological research comprise today independent states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Serbia and Slovenia, where he has researched around 1000 caves, majority of them in Croatia.His speleological researches M. Malez has published systematically since 1952 till 1974 Year, fully 23 Year, in Academian publication: Ljetopis JAZU. Many of articles deal with caves on some regions as: Ravna gora Mt. near Varaždin, Istria, Učka Mt., Ćićarija Mt., islands Iž and Ugljan, Cetina river region, Bitelić region, SW Lika region, Melnice region, Buško blato, Glamoč and Duvno polje region, region between Dubrovnik and Popovo polje, Rijeka region nad manyother.Also many articles deal with individual caves as: Vindija cave, Velika (Mačkova) pećina cave, Veternica, Đulin ponor vace, Medvedica, Strašna peć cave, Hajdova hiža cave, Ledenica by Studenci cave, Drenovac cavern, Pits by Sušik, Đurkovina cave, Debelin cave, Romualdova spilja cave, Šandalja cave, Druška peć cave, Vergotinova peć cave, Pazinski ponor cave, Bijambarske pećine caves, Gospodska špilja cave, Bezdanjača by Vrhovine, Vjetrenica cave, Modrića špilja cave, Velika pećina na Rogu cave, Medvjeđa spilja cave, Čampari cave, Jopićeva cave, Sparožna cave, Baba cave, Megara and many others.In his works some monographs have highlight position as caves of Učka Mt. and Ćićarija Mt. in Istria, caves in SW Lika together with 277 documented caves, same as monographs of Veternica cave near Zagreb and Cerovačke špilje caves near Gračac.In frame of his speleological work M. Malez has work on systematically history research in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, on speleological documentation, same as publications. In 1953 Year he was one of establisher of magazine Speleolog, first speleo magazine in Croatia and former Yugoslavia. He was one of organizer second speleo congress in Split in Year 1958, but main organiser of 9th Yugoslavian speleo congress in Karlovac in 1984 Year. Where he was chief editor of Proceedings, published on almost 900 pages.

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