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Spintronics: A New Nanoelectronics Adventure

Author(s): Rohit Apurva, Sonia Chandan, Abhilash Katkar, Prashant Shinde

Journal: International Journal of Advanced Computer Research
ISSN 2249-7277

Volume: 3;
Issue: 8;
Start page: 295;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Spintronics | GMR | Spin | Quantum mechanics

Spintronics is a new paradigm for electronics whichutilizes the electron's spin in addition to its chargefor device functionality. It is a rapidly emergingfield of science and technology that will most likelyhave a significant impact on the future of all aspectsof electronics as we continue to move into the 21stcentury. The primary areas for potentialapplications are information storage, computing,and quantum information. The main objective ofthis paper is to present a current status offundamentals of Spintronics including the recentadvantages and well established results like MRAM,Quantum computer–only one step remain to comeon Earth etc. The primaryfocus is on basicsphysical and quantum properties of electronunderlying Spin mechanics, Spin polarization, Spintransport through metal and semiconductor, Spininjection etc., principal of GMR with their types andapplications is also discussed in details in thispaper.
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