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铁含量及合成方法对Sr-Fe-Co氧化物微结构和 性能的影响 Effect of Iron Contents and Synthetic Methods on the Microstructure and Properties of Sr-Fe-Co Oxides

Author(s): 董贤平 | 李青 | 黄向红 | 裴立宅 | 陈群 | 张千峰

Journal: Material Sciences
ISSN 2160-7613

Volume: 01;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 93;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: SrFexCo0.5O3–δ Oxides | Citrate Method | Solid State Reaction | Iron Contents | SrFexCo0.5O3–δ氧化物 | 柠檬酸法 | 固态反应法 | 铁含量

本文采用柠檬酸盐法(CM)和固态反应法(SSR)合成SrFexCo0.5O3–δ(SFC),XRD结果表明,粉末的相态与铁含量有关,随着铁含量增加,SFC由钙钛矿型结构为主转为钙铁矿型结构为主。SEM分析显示,所得粉体颗粒形态结构相似,大小均匀。热重–差热(TGA/DSC)分析表明,粉末组成的损失和相变与合成方法密切相关,CM法合成的粉体相对于SSR法合成的粉体各组分的质量损失更多,同时,合成方法的不同也对SFC粉末吸收氧气的能力有很大影响。The SrFexCo0.5O3–δ (SFC) oxides synthesized by the citrate method (CM) and solid state reaction (SSR) are analyzed in the paper. XRD results reveal that the phases of the SFC powders are dependent on the content of Fe. With the increase of iron content, the structure of SFC changed from perovskite to brownmil-lerite. SEM images show that the obtained powders have similar morphology with particle structure and uni-form size distribution. The composition loss and phase transition of the powders are related to the synthetic methods by the thermal gravity-gravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimeters (TGA/DSC) analysis of the SFC powders. The SFC powders synthesized by CM method show a more weight loss of var-ious compositions than that synthesized by SSR method. And the synthetic method plays an important role on the oxygen absorption capacity of the SFC powders.
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