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密度分层液膜沿线性加热斜面流动稳定性 The Stability of Density Stratified Liquid Film Flowing Down a Linear Heated Inclined Plate

Author(s): 樊小朝

Journal: Applied Physics
ISSN 2160-7567

Volume: 02;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 7;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 密度分层液膜 | 线性加热平板 | 摄动法 | 流动传热 | 稳定性分析 | Density Stratified Liquid Film | Linear Heated Plate | Perturbation Method | Flew and Heat | Stability Analysis

由N-S方程及合理的边界条件对沿线性加热斜面下降的密度分层液膜流动和传热问题进行描述,建立数学模型。进一步推导出液膜中小扰动满足的控制方程和边界条件。用摄动法进行求解,得到色散关系的表达式,并对其进行分析。数值模拟不同因素对液膜稳定性的影响,得到分层效应不明显液膜流动越稳定,线性加热对液膜流动起失稳作用。 The flow and heat transfer in stratified liquid film falling down a linear heated inclined plate are described by the N-S equations, and the corresponding mathematical models are established. Then the governing equations and their boundary conditions of the small perturbation are derived. The equations are solved by the perturbation method, and then the expression of dispersion relation is obtained and analyzed. At last the effects of different factors on the stability of the film are discussed using numerical simulation. The stratification effect is not obvious, the liquid flow is stable. And the liquid film flow is instability because of linear heating.
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