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Stereophotographs of diamond and graphite

Author(s): Yukako Kato, Fumihiko Matsui, Tatsuya Shimizu, Tomohiro Matsushita, Fang Zhun Guo, Takashi Tsuno and Hiroshi Daimon

Journal: Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
ISSN 1468-6996

Volume: 7;
Issue: S1;
Start page: S45;
Date: 2006;
Original page

The direct imaging of atomic arrangement is essential for investigation of materials science. The rotation of forward focusing peaks in photoelectron intensity angular distribution (PIAD) pattern excited by circularly polarized light with the opposite helicities is found to be the same as the parallax in stereo view. Taking advantage of this phenomenon of PIAD circular dichroism, the three-dimensional atomic arrangement visualization of diamond and graphite crystal was realized. Taking a stereo picture around carbon atom, which has been thought difficult due to a small angular momentum and scattering cross section of photoelectron, proved that this method is applicable to various materials consisting of light elements. Furthermore, the local boron dopant site was concluded to be mainly substitutional one from the comparison of B 1s and C 1s PIAD patterns.
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