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The Structure and the Electrical Properties of Pb<sub>0.95</sub>La<sub>0.05</sub>[Zr<sub>x</sub>Ti<sub>(0.95–x)</sub>(Mo<sub>1/3</sub>,In<sub>2/3</sub>)<sub>0.05</sub>]<sub>0.9875</sub>O<sub>3</sub> Ferroelectric Ceramics

Author(s): Malika Abba | Ahmed Boutarfaia

Journal: Materials Sciences and Applications
ISSN 2153-117X

Volume: 02;
Issue: 09;
Start page: 1199;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: MPB | Sintering | Piezoelectric | Dielectric | Zr/Ti Ratio | Ceramic

The structural, the dielectric, and the piezoelectric properties of new ferroelectric Pb0.95La0.05[ZrxTi(0.95–x)(Mo1/3,In2/3)0.05]0.9875O3(0.46 ≤ x ≤ 0.55) ceramics have been investigated. All the samples were being sintered at a temperature ranging from 1000 to 1180℃ after being compacted in circular discs. The detailed structural and ferroelectric properties were carried out for sintered specimens. The results of X-ray diffraction showed that all the ceramics specimens have a perovskite phase. The phase structure of Pb0.95La0.05[ZrxTi(0.95–x)(Mo1/3,In2/3)0.05]0.9875O3 ceramics was transformed from the tetragonal to the rhombohedral, with an increase in the ratio of Zr/Ti in system. In the present system the MPB that coexists with the tetragonal and rhombohedral phases is a narrow composition region of x = 0.50 – 0.51. The scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) showed an increase of the mean grain size when the sintering temperature was increased. The dielectric constant ε and the coupling factor Kp reached the maximum values, while the mechanical quality factor Qm and the loss tangent reached the lowest values when x = 0.50. For the composition where x = 0.50, these properties include ε = 5414 (at the Curie temperature), tangδ = 0.039, Kp = 0.67, Qm = 20 and a Curie temperature of 335℃.
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