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Structure, growing stock, coarse woody debris and regeneration processes in virgin forests Dobroč (Slovakia) and Čorkova Uvala (Croatia)

Author(s): Milan Saniga | Stanislav Kucbel | Igor Anić | Stjepan Mikac | Marko Prebeg

Journal: Časopis Beskydy
ISSN 1803-2451

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: fir | spruce | beech | virgin forest | deadwood | forest structure | regeneration

Selected production characteristics and dynamics of regeneration processes in virgin forests Dobroč (Slovakia) and Čorkova Uvala (Croatia) are analysed in this work. Despite the fact that compared virgin forests are approximately in the same elevation and the research plots were established in the same group of forest types, virgin forest Čorkova Uvala has significantly lower spruce representation, higher annual precipitation and different parent rock. Higher average volume of living trees with dbh over 8 cm was determined in virgin forest Čorkova Uvala in amount of 753.3 m3 .ha -1 . This production characteristic was lower in virgin forest Dobroč (686.5 m3 .ha -1 ). The reason for higher average volume of trees over 8 cm dbh in Čorkova Uvala is significantly higher annual precipitation and more favourable texture of virgin forest with a higher proportion of optimum stage. Regarding the production ability of tree species, higher maximum heights and diameters for all tree species were recorded in virgin forest Dobroč. The average deadwood volume is higher in Čorkova Uvala (290.8 m3 .ha -1 ) and corresponds to the living tree volume. Dynamics of the regeneration processes is different regarding the seedbed. The trees occur very rarely on the decaying deadwood in virgin forest Dobroč. Tree species regenerate on the decaying deadwood in virgin forest Čorkova Uvala with higher abundance, where Norway spruce is the dominant tree species. Despite the low surface of deadwood as the seedbed (4.14% from the total investigated plot), the number of natural regeneration individuals of all tree species on deadwood represents 71.5%. Regarding the tree species composition of the natural regeneration, there is a difference in shifting into the higher height category in case of fir. In virgin forest Čorkova Uvala, it continuously shifts into the height category over 50 cm up to dbh
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