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Structure modeling and inhibitor prediction of NADP oxidoreductase enzyme from Methanobrevibacter smithii

Author(s): Ashwani Sharma | Prem Prashant Chaudhary | Sunil Kumar Sirohi | Jyoti Saxena

Journal: Bioinformation
ISSN 0973-2063

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 15;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Methanogenesis | Homology modeling | Functional site prediction | Substrate finding | Oxidoreductase Inhibitor | Docking | Autodock

The F420-dependent NADP oxidoreductase enzyme from Methanobrevibacter smithii catalyzes the important electron transfer step during methanogenesis. Therefore, it may act as potential target for blocking the process of methane formation. Its protein sequence is available in GenBank (accession number: ABQ86254.1) however no report has been found about its 3D protein structure. In this work, we first time claim 3D model structure of F420-dependent NADP oxidoreductase enzyme from Methanobrevibacter smithii by comparative homology modeling method. Swiss model and ESyPred3d (via Modeller 6v2) software’s were generated the 3D model by detecting 1JAX (A) as template along with sequence identities of 34.272% and 35.40%. Furthermore, PROCHECK with Ramachandran plot and ProSA analysis revealed that swiss model produced better model than Modeller6v2 with 98.90% of residues in favored and additional allowed regions (RM plot) as well as with ProSA Z score of -7.26. In addition, we investigated that the substrate F420 bound at the cavity of the model. Subsequently, inhibitor prediction study revealed that Lovastatin (-22.07 Kcal/mol) and Compactin (Mevastatin) (-21.91 Kcal/mol) produced more affinity for model structure of NADP oxidoreducatse as compared to F420 (-14.40 Kcal/mol). It indicates that the Lovastatin and Compactin (Mevastatin) compounds (Negative regulator) may act as potential inhibitor of F420 dependent NADP oxidoreducatse protein.
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