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Studies on genetic diversity in Amaranthus species using the RAPD markers

Author(s): Gabriela POPA | Calina Petruţa CORNEA | Matilda CIUCA | Narcisa BABEANU | Ovidiu POPA | Doru MARIN

Journal: Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Fascicula Biologie
ISSN 1224-5119

Volume: TOM XVII;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 280;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: A. cruentus | A. hypocondriacus | A. chlorostachys (powellii) | genetic diversity | RAPD analysis | plant β-tubulin genes

Here in this work we studied the genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationships among six popular species of Amaranthus: A.cruentus (Alegria) V1-R1, A.cruentus (Amont) V3-R1, A.hypocondriacus V2-R1, Amaranthus sp. 13, A.cruentus (MT3) V11-R1 and A.chlorostachys (powellii) from different geographic regions using the RAPD markers. Molecular methods used to characterize the amaranths plants showed that among the studied species there is a slightly intra- and inter-species polymorphism. Using ITS primers type that amplified characteristic fragments from rDNA region (relevant area for 5.8 S rRNA gene) after amplification a single product was obtained for all Amaranthus samples. Introns of tubulin genes are also useful tools for genotyping plant species and varieties, for parental assessment and for assisting breeding programs. Introns of plant tubulin genes are important regulatory elements for supporting gene expression. In our experiments applying the TBP (tubulin-based polymorphism) method revealed an intraspecific polymorphism in A. cruentus (Alegria) V1-R1, while no polymorphism was detected among the other studied species. From the RAPD data, an UPGMA dendrogram illustrating a difference between wild species of Amaranthus (A. chlorostacys powellii) and the other two species examined. In addition, between A. hyponchondriacus and A. cruentus there is a relationship, the genetic distance between them being ~18-20%.
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