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Studies on Phytochemical Constituents of Indigofera aspalathoides (Shivanar vembu) Vahl ex DC

Author(s): 1N.Tamilselvi, 1P.Krishnamoorthy 2R.Dhamotharan and 3S.Sivakumar

Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research
ISSN 0974-6943

Volume: 4;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 3052;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Indigofera aspalathoides | Phytochemical | Qualitative | Quantitative

The plant Indigofera aspalathoides (Leguminosae) is a low under shrub with wide distribution, mostly found in South India and Sri Lanka. The stem istraditionally used for various skin disorders and cancer .The leaves are also applied to abscesses. The various phytochemical studies were carried out onthe methanol extract of Indigofera aspalathoides. The plant showed the presence of phytochemical constituents such as tannins, flavonoids, alkaloids,steroids/triterpenoids, and reducing sugars. The Quantitative studies of phytochemical constituents were also performed. The significance of thephytochemical constituents with the respect to the role of these plants in traditional medicine treatment is discussed.
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