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Studies on the Removal of Ni (II) from Aqueous Solutions Using Powder of Mosambi Fruit Peelings as a Low Cost Sorbent

Author(s): R Hema Krishna

Journal: Chemical Sciences Journal
ISSN 2150-3494

Volume: 2011;
Start page: CSJ;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Adsorption | Ni (II) ions | Powder of Mosambi Fruit Peelings (PMFP) | adsorption kinetics | adsorption isotherms

In the present investigation, the powder of mosambi fruit peelings (PMFP) was used as an inexpensive and efficient adsorbentfor Ni (II) removal from aqueous solutions. The influence of physico-chemical key parameters such as the initial metal ionconcentration, pH, agitation time, particle size and adsorbent dosage has been considered in batch tests. Sorbent ability toadsorb Ni (II) ions was examined and the mechanism involved in the process investigated. The optimum results weredetermined at an initial metal ion concentration of 50 (mg L-1), pH=4, agitation time – 90 min, an adsorbent dose (125 mg/50ml) and the particle size (0.6 mm). The % adsorption, Langmuir constants [Q0=29.41(mg/g) and b=0.4789(L/mg)], Freundlichconstant Kf= 23.92(mg/g) and n=2.24(L/mg), Lagergren rate constants [Kad (min-1) = 4.37 x 10-2] for [Ni (II)] 50 (mg L-1), weredetermined for the adsorption system as a function of sorbate concentration. The equilibrium data obtained were tested usingLangmuir, Freundlich adsorption isotherm models, and the kinetic data obtained were fitted to pseudo first order model.

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