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Author(s): A. M. Mahale *1 R. B. Wakade1 , A. A. Harsulkar 1

Journal: International Journal of Drug Formulation and Research
ISSN 2229-5054

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 71;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Sustained release microparticles | microparticles | pellets | microcapsules | microspheres

Sustained release microparticles are mainly oral dosage forms consisting of a multiplicity of small discreteunits, the active substance is present as a number of small independent subunits with diameter of 0.05-2.00mm.These subunits like pellets, microcapsules, microspheres are filled into a sachet and encapsulated or compressedinto a tablet. There are many reasons for formulating a drug as a sustained release microparticles for example,to facilitate disintegration in the stomach, or to provide a convenient, fast disintegrating tablet that dissolves inwater before swallowing which can aid compliance in older patients and children. Sustained releasemicroparticles show better reproducible pharmacokinetic behavior than conventional (monolithic) formulations.The individual subunit particles pass rapidly through the GI tract. They provide many advantages over singleunitsystems because of their small size. Multiparticulates are less dependent on gastric empty ting, resulting inless inter and intra-subject variability in gastrointestinal transit time. They are also better distributed and lesslikely to cause local irritation. Recently much emphasis is being laid on the development of sustained releasemicroparticles dosage forms in preference to single unit systems because of their potential benefits such asincreased bioavailability, reduced risk of systemic toxicity, reduced risk of local irritation and predictablegastric emptying3. Sustained release forms are designed for the normal population that is one the basisof average drug biological half lives. Consequently, Disease states that alter drug disposition, significantpatient variation and so forth are not accommodated. Economical factors must be assessed since more costlyprocess and equipment are involved in manufacturing
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