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Studio tecnologico dell’industria litica dell’ US 301 di Riparo Tagliente (Stallavena di Grezzana, VR) nel contesto dell’Epigravettiano recente dell’Italia nord-orientale

Author(s): Laura FALCERI

Journal: Museologia Scientifica e Naturalistica
ISSN 1824-2707

Volume: 6;
Start page: 131;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Tagliente rockshelter | lithic industry | Late Epigravettian | Northern Italy

This paper summarizes the results of the technological analysis of the lithic industry from stratigraphicunit 301 at Tagliente rockshelter (Stallavena di Grezzana, Verona). At the present state of researchthis deposit contains the oldest and best documented stratigraphic series dated to the LateEpigravettian in Northern Italy.Specifically, SU 301 is located in the inner area of the shelter and belongs to the Late Epigravettiansettlement phase.The technological analysis has shown that the lithic industry is dominated by the production of bladesand bladelets mainly obtained from flint of the Biancone formation. The study has allowed to partially reconstruct reduction sequences and to propose an interpretation of the formation processes of the lithic assemblage within the settlements dynamics. The presence of some older elements from the lower part of the sequence (Mousterian and Aurignacian) is probably due to activities for the construction of settlement structures carried out by the first groups that occupied the site.

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