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我国草根非营利组织发展研究—非营利组织与政府间关系的视角 The Study of Grassroots Non-Profit Organizations Development in China—In the Perspective of the Relationship between the Non-Profit Organizations and Government

Author(s): 李冰水 | 曹立春

Journal: Modern Management
ISSN 2160-7311

Volume: 01;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 188;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 草根非营利组织 | 政府 | 新型关系 | 合作模式 | Grassroots Non-Profit Organizations | Government | New Relationship | Cooperation Mode

草根非营利组织是指源自民间自发行为和公民社会责任意识的,由基层公民自下而上组织而 成的,扎根在城乡社区的,没有在相关民政部门登记注册成立的,不以营利为目的并旨在为社会提供相关领域的公共服务和协调相关群体利益的非营利组织。这类非营利组织不同于在民政管理部门登记注册成立的非营利组织,从成立到发展都面临着诸多方面的困难。究其原因,一个重要方面就是没有正确处理与政府间的关系。正确处理与政府间的关系,从政府方面来说,必须对于当地的草根非营利组织进行情况普查,降低登记注册的审批门槛和登记条件,对草根非营利组织进行正确的引导,与草根非营利组织合作进行项目活动;从草根非营利组织来说,必须树立规范化发展的理念,明确组织定位,坚持在法律规范和管理体制允许范围内开展活动,增强自身能力,提高活动的社会效应。Grassroots non-profit organizations derive from civil society spontaneous behaviors and sense of responsibility, and the bottom-up grassroots civic organization rooted in the urban and rural communities, with no registration in the relevant civil affairs department, not-for-profit purposes and to provide the community with relevant areas of public services and coordination of related interest groups. They are different from the non-profit organizations which have registered in government, and they have difficulties to conquer.The reason is that, the non-profit organizations didn’t deal with the relationship between the governments correctly. Correctly dealing with the relationship with the government, from the government perspective, it must conduct a census of the local non-profit organizations, reducing the threshold for registration approval and registration conditions, give grassroots non-profit organizations the right guidance, and carry cooperation project with grassroots non-profit organizations; from the grass-roots non-profit organizations perspective, they must foster the standardized development concept, clear tissue localization, insisted on the management system of legal norms and activities within the allowable range, and enhance their ability to improve the activities of social effects.
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