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Study of medication compliance of patients with coronary heart diseases and associated factors

Author(s): Parsa-Yekta | Z | Zakeri Moghaddam | Mehran | A | Palizdar | M

Journal: Hayat Journal of Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery
ISSN 1735-2215

Volume: 9;
Issue: 3-4;
Start page: 34;
Date: 2003;
Original page

Keywords: pharmacotherapy | medication compliance

Introduction: To reduce the morbidity and mortality of cardiovascular diseases, patients are emphasized on following the exact prescription order of their antihypertensive and other cardio vascular medications. Materials and Methods: The purpose of this study was to identify factors related to medication compliance in patients with coronary heart disease. A descriptive analytical study was designed and a total of 150 patients with coronary heart disease were chosen with convenience sampling among patients in one of the cardiovascular clinics affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The instrument included a questionnaire for the demographic data, side effects of the drugs, physical condition, level of cognition and self-reporting of the patients about medication non-compliance; A questionnaire which was about attitude evaluation; A data evaluation form to calculate the rate of medication compliance; Biophysiologic measurments and finally, available documents. The data were collected in two consecutive steps: at the first appointment, the questionnaires were filled. At the second appointment (1 month later) medication compliance rates which was based on counting of pills, were calculated. Results: The data were analyzed with descriptive statistics, chi-square test, Fisher’ exact test and Tchoprof coefficient. Only 28% of the patients had met the drug regimens appropriately but 56% of them had a poor record. There was a meaningful relationship between the self – reporting of the patients and counting of the pills (p value

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