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A Study of Morphological Patterns of Glenoid Cavity of Scapula.

Author(s): Hina B Rajput | Kintu K Vyas | Bhavesh D Shroff

Journal: National Journal of Medical Research
ISSN 2249-4995

Volume: 2;
Issue: 4.000;
Start page: 504;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Glenoid cavity | Glenoid notch | Shoulder arthroplasty

Shoulder arthroplasty offer pain relief and improvement in patients of shoulder arthritis. Appropriate fixation of glenoid component of scapula is essential to evade loosening which is the common indication for revision surgery. The glenoid cavity is small and allows only a restricted spot for limited fixation devices. For this reason, knowledge of the morphology of glenoid cavity is important. So, in the current study, 5 diameters of glenoid cavity of 43 right sided and 57 left sided dried unpaired human scapulae have been measured with the aid of digital vernier callipers. Various shapes of glenoid cavity like inverted comma , pear or oval based on the glenoid notch have also been observed. The values of glenoid cavity in the current study are lower than those reported in other studies. These suggest that the difference in size of the glenoid cavity in Gujarati population may have to be taken into consideration while deciding the size of the glenoid component in shoulder arthroplasty in this population. [Natl J of Med Res 2012; 2(4.000): 504-507]
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