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基于劳动力市场分割视角的农民工就业研究 A Study on the Employment of Migrant Workers Based on Labor Market Segmentation Theories

Author(s): 李琼 | 郭锦川

Journal: Modern Management
ISSN 2160-7311

Volume: 01;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 182;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 劳动力市场分割 | 人力资本 | 非正规就业 | 农民工 | Labor Market Segmentation | Human Capital | Informal Employment | Migrant Workers

随着经济高速发展和城市化进程加快,日益庞大的农民工群体已成为中国产业工人的主要组 成部分。但是,他们在城市的就业和生活却遭遇到各种歧视,受到不公平待遇。本文从劳动力市场分割视角讨论农民工的就业和工资情况。统计表明在职业分布上农民工主要在城市非正规部门从事“蓝领”等工作,工资低廉,而且社会和劳动权益保障方面非常薄弱。将农民工和城镇职工的工资差异进行分解发现,就业岗位间工资差异和就业岗位内工资差异中,主要差异由技能引起的,其次是由制度歧视引起的。因此,要改善农民工的经济状况,政府尽可能地消除劳动力市场分割对农民工就业的不利影响,逐步剥离城市户籍上的福利成分,也应适当提高最低工资标准,提供教育培训机会,加大农民工的人力资本投入,提高农民工就业质量。As China’s economy grows rapidly and urbanization accelerates, the increasingly larger group of migrant workers has become a major component of industrial workers. However, they have suffered from various forms of discrimination and unfair treatment in employment and life. This article made a study on the employment and wages of migrant workers based on labor market segmentation theories. Statistics show that migrant workers are mainly engaged in “blue-collar” work in the urban informal sectors with low wages. Besides, social and labor rights protection for them is very weak. Decomposition of wage discrepancy between migrant workers and urban workers indicates that above half differentials are caused by skills differences and the left are caused by systematic discrimination either in terms of wage differentials between jobs or within jobs. Therefore, in order to improve the economic situation of migrant workers, the government should eliminate the adverse effect of the segmented labor market on the employment of migrant workers.

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