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融合现代工程理念的实践教学模式研究 The Study of the Practice Teaching Model Based on the Engineering Concept

Author(s): 汪成义 | 高刃

Journal: Advances in Education
ISSN 2160-729X

Volume: 01;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 131;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 网络工程 | 工程教育 | 实践教学 | 教学模式 | Network Engineering | Engineering Education | Practice Teaching | Teaching Model

应用型本科院校工程类专业的特色在于“工程”二字,其关键是如何通过实践教学模式的改革来适应现代工程的需要。本文以美国Rose-Hulman理工学院的办学特色与教学方法出发,以CDIO大纲模型为指导,以网络工程专业为主要参照对象,对实践教学模式的改革进行了研究,具体包括:构建开放性、综合性网络工程实验室为改革实践教学奠定了基础,在开放平台基础上灵活实现综合性、设计性和创新性的实践教学过程,在开放、激励的基础上培养学生的学习兴趣,并通过互动教学、工程化模式组织教学、体验式学习等不同形式激发学生的创新思维和独立解决问题的能力。The feature of the engineering specialty in application-oriented institute is based on “engineering”, the key is how to reform the model of the practice teaching. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in USA gives us some thoughts. The reference object is the network engineering and the guiding model is CDIO. The open and comprehensive network laboratory laid the foundation of reform of the teaching. With this platform the comprehensive, designing, innovative teaching practice can be conducted with flexibility. On the basis of being open and inspired, students’ studying interest can be greatly cultivated. Through different forms of teaching like interactive teaching, organizing the teaching with engineering model and learning experience, students’ innova-tive thoughts will be stimulated and the abilities of solving problems independently can be developed.

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