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A Study of Psychiatric Morbidity in Patients of Peptic Ulcer Diseases

Author(s): Jagpal Singh Klair | B. S. Sidhu

Journal: International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health
ISSN 1840-4529

Volume: 3;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 214;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Psychiatric Morbidity | Acid Peptic Disease | SCL-80 | Hamilton Rating Scale | PSLE | ICD 10

Background: A stressful life event or situation-internal or external, acute or chronic-generates challengesto which the organism cannot adequately respond some times. Recent studies have found that the peoplewho face general stresses pessimistically are apt to experience psychosomatic disorders. Psychologicalfactors like stress are important in development of initiation, progression, aggravation, predisposition orreaction to disease. For example, a stressful event might lead to exacerbation of attack of asthma,neurodermatitis, migraine and even gastrointestinal involvement like development of peptic ulcer.As the significant number of patients with peptic ulcer diseases show psychologic influences, the presentstudy is a step to find out psychiatric morbidity in patients of acid peptic diseases.Aims and Objectives: T o study the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity among patients of peptic ulcerdisease and to study the patients of peptic ulcer disease with psychiatric morbidity in comparison topatients of peptic ulcer disease without psychiatric morbidity on following variables: Socio-demographicvariables & Attributes/ risk factors of peptic ulcer disease.Methods / Study Design: The patients will be screened in department of General Medicine, outdoor aswell as indoor patients, as having acid peptic disease diagnosed clinically and as per relevantinvestigations wherever required.I. Sample sizea) 50 cases of clinically proven peptic ulcer diseases.b) 30 cases of control group.II. Patient inclusion criteriaa) Patients between the age group of 20-50 yearsb) Both male and female patients almost equal in number.III. Patient exclusion criteriaa) Patient with any chronic and acute medical illness.b) Patient with history of epilepsy, Psychiatric illness, alcohol or substance abuse.c) Patients on long term treatment for medical or psychiatric illness.d) Who refused to give informed consent.IV. Following instruments would be applied for the purpose of the studya) Personal Biodata proforma (Appendix-I).b) Symptom check list (SCL)- 80 (Appendix-II)c) Hamilton rating scale for anxiety.d) Hamilton rating scale for depression.e) Presumptive stressful life events scale (P.S.L.E.).f) Clinical diagnosis of psychiatric disorders will be made asper ICD- 10 criteria. Data collected shall be subjected tostatistical analysis.Results / Findings/Conclusions: From the present study:1. 58% patients of acid peptic disease in study group were suffering from significant (P

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