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The study of radiosensitivity in left handed compared to right handed healthy women

Author(s): Khosravifarsani Meysam | Monfared Ali | Akhavan-Niaki Haleh | Moslemi Dariush | Hajian-Tilaki Karimollah | Elahimanesh Farideh | Borzoueisileh Sajad | Seyfizadeh Nayer | Amiri Mehrangiz

Journal: BMC Medical Physics
ISSN 1756-6649

Volume: 12;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 3;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Abstract Background Radiosensitivity is an inheriting trait that mainly depends on genetic factors. it is well known in similar dose of ionizing radiation and identical biological characteristics 9–10 percent of normal population have higher radiation response. Some reports indicate that distribution of breast cancer, immune diseases including autoimmune diseases as example lupus, Myasthenia Gravies and even the rate of allergy are more frequent in left handed individuals compared to right handed individuals. The main goal of the present study is determination of radiosensitivity in left handed compared to right handed in healthy women by cytokinesis blocked micronuclei [CBMN] assay. 5 ml peripheral fresh blood sample was taken from 100 healthy women including 60 right handed and 40 left handed. The age of participants was between 20–25 old years and they had been matched by sex. After blood sampling, blood samples were divided to 2 groups including irradiated and non-irradiated lymphocytes that irradiated lymphocytes were exposed to 2 Gy CO-60 Gama rays source then chromosomal aberrations was analyzed by CBMN [Cytokinesis Blocked Micronuclei Assay]. Results Our results have shown radiosensitivity index [RI] in left-handers compared to right-handers is higher. Furthermore, the mean MN frequency is elevated in irradiated lymphocytes of left-handers in comparison with right-handers. Conclusion Our results from CBMN assay have shown radiosensitivity in the left handed is higher than right handed women but more attempts need to prove this hypothesis.
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