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A Study of Socio Demographic and Clinical Profile of Cases of Diabetic Foot

Author(s): Jayesh B Gohel | Dinesh Sharma | Nainesh B Patel | Uday S Raswan | Salil Patil

Journal: National Journal of Medical Research
ISSN 2249-4995

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3.000;
Start page: 279;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus | Different Treatment Strategies | Results | Complications

Introduction: Diabetic foot is a complication of Diabetes Mellitus, which is a group of metabolic disorders sharing the phenotype of hyperglycemia. The aim of the therapy is to avoid diabetic foot complications, salvage the limb with available modalities in hospital, preventing recurrences and rehabilitation. Methods: This article summarizes the profile of 200 patients with diabetic foot seen in General Surgery department of Civil Hospital at Ahmedabad. The diagnosis of diabetic foot was based on clinical, biochemical and radiological investigations. Clinical presentation can be divided into infective, vascular and neuropathic groups. Results: Average age of presentation was 55.02 year. There is a higher incidence in male patients, majority of patients (57%) belongs to lower socioeconomic status. The average duration of diabetes is 9.78 years. Severity of lesion correlated with severity and duration of diabetes. Commonest presenting feature is an abscess followed by gangrene. Staph.aureus is the most common organism isolated from diabetic foot. X-Rays of feet were taken and majority presented with osteomyelitic changes. The average duration of hospital stay was 17.34 days. Conclusion: Foot ulceration in diabetic patients is a resource consuming, disabling morbidity that often is the first step towards lower extremity amputation. Prevention is the best treatment. Effective glycemic control and education are of key importance for decreasing diabetic foot disease, while early presentation and hospital admission, aggressive and appropriate medical and surgical treatment according to grade if disease can improve outcome and reduce the morbidity and mortality due to diabetes. [National J of Med Res 2012; 2(3.000): 279-281]
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