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Study of tissue heterogeneity in the received dose of rat cervical spinal cord region in homogenous phantom and real sample by thermoluminescence dosimetry

Author(s): A. Takavar | M. Zabihzadeh | A. Shirazi | M. Alahverdi | S.R. Mahdavi | S. Saber

Journal: Iranian Journal of Nuclear Medicine
ISSN 1681-2824

Volume: 14;
Issue: Suppl 1;
Start page: 26;
Date: 2006;
Original page

Objectives: To investigate the effect of heterogeneity in the cervical spinal cord region of rat on the received dose of orthovoltage x- ray a homogeneous phantom was designed. Methods: Using liquid nitrogen,a frozen sample of the animal was produced suitable for simulating living tissues especially the cervical spinal cord region . For the reason of reproducibility, a jig was used .Dosimeter used was a rod shaped thermoluminesance dosimetry (TLD) chips with the diameter of 1mm and length of 6mm. TLD was used as the equivalent for the spinal cord both in the formed spinal canal of the homogeneous phantom and frozen sample in the cervical region. The x-ray generating device was a radiotherapeutic x-ray system with relative stability of
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