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La subvention de l'ancienne Cathédrale Métropolitaine de Moldavie - L'église Sf. Gheorghe de Suceava - par les Principautés Roumaines (XIX-ème siècle)

Author(s): Ion I. Solcanu

Journal: Codrul Cosminului
ISSN 1224-032X

Volume: 15;
Start page: 97;
Date: 2009;

Keywords: Suceava (Roumanie) | l’église Sf. Gheorghe | faubourg Cutu | le XIX-ème siècle | subvention | financement de construction | dotation | conservation | restauration | livres | entretien du personnel

Subsidizing the old Metropolitan Cathedral in Suceava targets financing of the construction, conservation and restoration, books, equipment, maintenance personnel and church jewelry. Ţon Şmigalshi, a Viennese engineer, developed a conservation project in 1847. It provided the coverage of the new church, to whitewash the walls and to remove the old decorations, as well as to flooring and completing the wall surrounding the church bell etc. The Archimandrite Lemeni Louis, the monastic settlement’s hegumen, and later Darie Ternovschi have made steps in this reconstruction plan.Between 1850 and 1860 subsidizing of the old cathedral church of St. George was discontinued. Until 1869, the hegumen Darie Ternovschi repaired the church tower, furnished superiors’ houses and acquired new church clothes. The acquisition of books and church jewelry was in 1848. The necessary subsidies for maintaining the St. George Monastery in Suceava were approximately 300 ducats each year. The payment later was discontinued after the death of the Archimandrite Lemeni (1849), because of the dispute between the Metropolitan Church of Moldavia and Suceava and the Orthodox Diocese of Chernivtsi, represented by Hacman on the patronage of the old Metropolitan Cathedral in Suceava. The grant was resumed in 1860 under the budget of the Principality of Moldavia. At that time, it was increased to 24.000 lei each year, and in 1870 was provided from the budget, the amount of 6.666 lei. In July 1869, the United Principalities’ Government decided to suspend it, but the decision rests on February 10 1870.

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