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Author(s): Agus Suwandono

Journal: Bulletin of Health Research
ISSN 0125-9695

Volume: 22;
Issue: 2 Jun;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Health Survey

An integrated household health survey has been conducted in Maluku Province in 1991 by the Research Center for Humatities and Social Science University of Indonesia, National Institute of Health Research and Development MOH, University of Pattimura and University of Sam Ratulangi. The objective of this survey is to obtain a general picture of health conditions of Maluku province and to compare with the results of the National Health Household Survey 1986 (NHHS '86). Methodologies, location of samples and questionaires used are the same as the NHHS '86 with a small modification. The number of samples is lower than the NHHS '86. Some limitations of the survey are also recognized. The results show some changes of demographic, health, and socio-economic conditions. The sample with age group below 10 years was 29.4% in 1986 and 24.7% in 1991, over 55 years was 7.7% in 1986 and is 8.9% in 1991 while illiteracy was 13% in 1986 and 3.5% in 1991. There is an improvement of some the health status indicators and health services coverage. Crude Death Rate in 1986 was 7.2%, while in 1991 5.3%. Infant Mortality Rate in 1986 was 66.1% in 1991 dropped to 63.2% while the Child Mortality Rate under 4 years was 11.4% in 1986 and 10.2% in 1991. However, the results also indicate some persistent conditions of community health behaviours. Health is found as a complex problem which is influenced by many factors. Health management service improvement, appropriate health manpower planning, improvement of health manpower quality, improvement of "PKMD" understanding and application, intensification of community participation, better intersectoral coordination, development and implementation of the concept of the center of group of islands for health services are recomended as a result of this discriptive analysis.
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