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A Survey of Drug Resistance Due to Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamases (ESBLs) in Escherichia Coli Strains Isolated from Hospitalized Patients

Author(s): N. Amir Mozaffari, | H. Forouhesh Tehrani, | Z. Tavaf Langeroodi, | A. Abdullahi,

Journal: Razi Journal of Medical Sciences
ISSN 2228-7043

Volume: 15;
Issue: 59;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: Key Words: 1)Escherichia Coli 2)Extended Spectrum Beta Lactamases (ESBLs) 3)Multiple Drug Resistant (MDR)

Background & Aim: clinical cases especially from hospitalized patients. Recently multiple drug resistant isolated from clinical cases. Resistances were seen against drugs belonging to different antibiotic families. In thissurvey, drug resistance in clinical isolates was studied with special reference to extended spectrum betalactamases.Escherichia coli is one of the most important and prevalent bacteria isolated fromE.coli strains have beenPatients and Method: for drug resistance by disc diffusion method. The minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of isolates resistant todifferent antibiotics was determined by E-test. Beta lactamases production was tested with nitrocephin disc andextended spectrum beta lactamases assays were performed with double disc synergy tests. Finally, Chi-squareand t-tests were used to analyze the data.A total of 113 E. coli strains isolated from hospitalized patients were initially surveyedResults: these MDR strains were positive in nitrocephin test, indicating beta lactamases production. Double disc synergytests results showed production of extended spectrum beta lactamases in all MDR isolates.From the total of 113 E.coli isolates tested, 47 (41.5%) showed multi drug resistant trait. All ofConclusion: Detection of 41.5% MDR trait, especially extended spectrum beta lactamases, in the clinicalE.coli cephalosporins. It also necessitates conduction of a wider study to determine the extent of MDR isolates points to the potential dangers posed by the widespread usage of extended spectrumE.colioccurrence at national level.
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