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Survey – New Routing Technique for Grid Computing

Author(s): R. Rameshkumar | A. Damodaram

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security
ISSN 1947-5500

Volume: 8;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 201;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: ijcsis | journal | computer science | doaj | information security | research | citation | june 2010 | volume 8

Trust plays an indispensable role in grid computing. Trust-management systems provide applications with a standard interface for getting answers to such questions and provide users with a standard language for writing the policies and credentials that control what is allowed and what isn’t. Using a trust-management system for controlling security-critical services frees the application developer from a number of often difficult design and implementation issues and allows users to take advantage of a flexible, standard, application-independent language for specifying policy. In this paper, we develop trust management architecture for trust enhanced Grid security incorporating a novel trust model which is capable of capturing various types of trust relationships that exist in a Grid system and providing mechanisms for trust evaluation, recommendations and update for trust decisions. The outcomes of the trust decisions can then be employed by the Grid security system to formulate trust enhanced security solutions. Here we put forth ant algorithm for implementation. The ant colony algorithm is an algorithm for finding optimal paths that is based on the behavior of ants searching for food. At first, the ants wander randomly. When an ant finds a source of food, it walks back to the colony leaving "markers" (pheromones) that show the path has food. When other ants come across the markers, they are likely to follow the path with a certain probability. If they do, they then populate the path with their own markers as they bring the food back. As more ants find the path, it gets stronger until there are a couple streams of ants traveling to various food sources near the colony.
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