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Survey on Parameters of Fingerprint Classification Methods Based On Algorithmic Flow

Author(s): Dimple Parekh | Rekha Vig

Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering Survey
ISSN 0976-3252

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 150;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Singular points | Ridge flow | Orientation map | Spurious singular points | Multiple classifier | Transforms.

Classification refers to assigning a given fingerprint to one of the existing classes already recognized inthe literature. A search over all the records in the database takes a long time, so the goal is to reduce thesize of the search space by choosing an appropriate subset of database for search. Classifying afingerprint images is a very difficult pattern recognition problem, due to the minimal interclassvariability and maximal intraclass variability. This paper presents a sequence flow diagram which willhelp in developing the clarity on designing algorithm for classification based on various parametersextracted from the fingerprint image. It discusses in brief the ways in which the parameters are extractedfrom the image. Existing fingerprint classification approaches are based on these parameters as inputfor classifying the image. Parameters like orientation map, singular points, spurious singular points,ridge flow, transforms and hybrid feature are discussed in the paper.

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