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Survey of Optimal Methods for the Control of Cockroaches in Sewers of Qom City

Author(s): M. Fahiminia | A. Paksa | M. Shams | M. Fazlzadeh davil | H. Bakhtiari | M. Norouzi

Journal: Iranian Journal of Health and Environment
ISSN 2008-2029

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 19;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Cockroaches | Sewer | Chemical control | Qom

"n "nBackgrounds and Objectives: Domestic sewers and wastewater treatment plants are suitable places for the growth of some types of Cockroaches. Annually the water and wastewater company of Qom city make considerable attempts to overwhelm the problem. The current study is aimed to determine types of Cockroaches and select the optimal methods for their control."nMaterials andMethods: In this study, 120 manholes are selected in different locations of Qom city, the numbers of Cockroaches are counted and the Cockroaches are classified into different groups. Then, each group are faced to different insecticides Including Simperator, Diazinon , Dursban Ec, Faikam, Sipermetrin, Icon, Deltametrina and Sulfac. One group of manholes was considered as blank sample during one month. Counting and determination of Cockroaches in these manholes conducted before using insecticides and also five months after it."nResults: the study showed that all sewers were 100% polluted by Cockroaches. The number of Cockroaches in manholes range from minimum 4 to maximum 3600 in each manhole. The applied of insecticides including Dursban Ec, Simperator, Sulfac, Dursban, and Deltametrina are used 2 gr in 100 square meter of area of each sewer. The Cockroaches population reduced to approximately zero after application of these insecticides. Spraying sewers by Simperator controlled 100% of Cockroaches."nConclusion: the most effective method for the control of Cockroaches was usage of 2 gr of Dursban (Ec) in squaremeter of area in the beginning of warmseason.If we use 1-1/5months interval between the time of spraying insecticide in selected wells, with using simperator and dursban (Ec) we can overwhelm Cockroaches using Simperator and Dursban Ec. The results of statistical analysis show that reduction of number of coackroaches in one month after using poison is significant (P-value< 0.05). But after 5months it lose meaningful in all of them.Also, reduction of number of coackroachesin blank manholes was not statistically significant.
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