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Survey of Toxoplasma gondii DNA in aborted Ovine and Caprine fetuses by nested PCR in Borno state, Nigeria

Author(s): J.Kamani. | G.O.Egwu. | A.U.Mani and Y.Bitrus

Journal: Veterinary World
ISSN 0972-8988

Volume: 3;
Issue: 8.000;
Start page: 360;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Toxoplasma gondii | Abortion | Ovine | Caprine | nPCR | Nigeria

A study was designed to detect T.gondii DNA from tissues of aborted caprine and ovine fetuses by single tube nested PCR. A total of 327 tissues from 45 and 31 caprine and ovine aborted fetuses respectively were analyzed. Tissues analyzed were, 76 brains, 76 lungs, 70 livers, 65 hearts and 40 placentas. Approximately five grams of each tissue was finely chopped with a sterile scalpel blade and re-suspended in sterile distilled water. DNA extraction was conducted according to standard protocol. Two successive amplifications were performed in a single tube using 18S-5.8S rRNA ITS1 targeted primers in order to increase the sensitivity and specificity of the reaction and to minimize the chance of contamination. All samples analyzed were negative for T.gondii DNA. We conclude that the organism may not play important role in ovine and caprine abortions in the study area. Our next plan is to analyze tissues from the feline definitive host and rodents in the area in order to detect and sequence T.gondii DNA to enable us compare it to known clades. [Veterinary World 2010; 3(8.000): 360-363]
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