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Synthesis of Organic Compounds over Selected Types of Catalysts

Author(s): Omar Mohamed Saad Ismail

Journal: Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology
ISSN 2040-7459

Volume: 3;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 408;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Catalyst | chemical reactions | modified catalysts | organic synthesis | selectivity

This study provides an overview for the utilization of different catalytic material in the synthesis of organic compounds for important reactions such as heck reaction, aldol reaction, Diels- Alder and other reactions. Comparisons between multiple catalysts for the same reaction and justifications for developing new catalyzed materials are discussed. The following topics are introduced in this work; (1) solid base catalysts, (2) clay catalysts, (3) palladium catalysts, and (4) catalysts to produce organic compound from CO2. The features of these catalysts a long with the conjugated reactions and their selectivity are explained in details, also, some alternatives for toxic or polluting catalysts used in industry are suggested.

Tango Rapperswil
Tango Rapperswil

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