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Synthesis and surface active properties of cationic surface active agents from crude rice bran oil

Author(s): El-Dougdoug, W. I. A.

Journal: Grasas y Aceites
ISSN 0017-3495

Volume: 50;
Issue: 5;
Start page: 385;
Date: 1999;
Original page

Keywords: Cationic surfactant | Crude rice bran oil | Surface active properties | Synthesis. | Aceite de germen de arroz crudo | Propiedades tensioactivas | Síntesis | Tensioactivo catiónico.

Cationic surfactants of 2-hidroxy-3-(2- alkylamidopolyethyl amino) propane-1-triethylammonium hydroxides (ix-xui)a-d were prepared from fatty acids (i)a-d [palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic acid] and mixed fatty acids of crude rice bran oil ie [RBO]. The reaction of these acids with ethylenediamine, diethylenetriamine, triethylenetetramine andletraethylenepentamine (ii)a-d produced (iii-vii)a-d. The produced amidopolyethylamine (iii-vii)a-d reacted with 2-epoxypropylenetriethylammonium chloride (viii) to give the cationic surfactants (ix-xiii)a-d . The produced derivatives were purified and characterized by microanalysis, molecular weight determination, infra-red (IR), and proton nuclear magnetic resonance (1H NMR) spectra. The surface active properties and inhibition efficiency of the prepared cationic surfactants were determined.Se han preparado tensioactivos catiónicos de hidróxidos de! 2-hidroxi-3-(2-alquilamidopolietilamino) propano-1;trietilamonio (ix-xiii)a-d a partir de los ácidos grasos (i)a-d [ácido palmítico, esteárico, oleico y linoleico] y mezclas de ácidos grasos de aceite de germen de arroz crudo ie [RBO]. La reacción de estos ácidos con etilenodiamina, dietilenotriamina, trietilenotetramina y tetraetilenopentamina (ii)a-d produjo los compuestos (iv-vii)a-d . Los amidopolietilaminos producidos (iii-vii)a-d reaccionaron con el cloruro de 2-epoxipropilenotrietilamonio (viii) para dar los tensioactivos catiónicos (ix-xiii)a-d. Los derivados producidos se purificaron y caracterizaron por microanálisis, determinación del peso molecular, espectros de infrarrojo (IR) y resonancia magnética nuclear de protón (1H NMR). Se determinaron las propiedades tensioactivas y la eficacia de inhibición de los tensioactivos catiónicos preparados.

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