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Tafoflora de Delnortea (Gigantopterideae) de Loma de San Juan(Formación Palmarito, NO de Venezuela) y sus relaciones paleofitogeográficas en el Artinskiano (Neopaleozoico)

Author(s): Ricardi, F | Rösler, O. | Odreman, O

Journal: Plantula
ISSN 1316-1547

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1-2;
Start page: 73;
Date: 1999;
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Keywords: Paleobotany | Paleophytogeography | Delnortea | Gigantopteris | Gondwanland | Artinskian.

Delnortean Taphoflora (Gigantopterideae) of Loma de San Juan (Palmarito Formatión, NW of Venezuela) and its paleophytogeographical relationships in the Artinskian (Neopaleozoic) During the early Permian (Artinskian), Venezuela was in the extreme NW of Gondwanaland, possibly at a latitude between 0º and 10º S. It previously belonged to the western central Pangea, where the climate apparently was becoming increasingly dry, reaching semiarid conditions in the Artinskian/Kungurian. Detailed systematic study of the Artinskian plants of Loma de San Juan (Carache region, Trujillo State, Venezuela) yielded an abundance of gigantpoterideae Delnortea cf. D. abbottiae Mamay & al., previously known only in the contemporaneous Road Canyon Formation of Texas (USA).The remainig taphoflora studied comprises the following species: cf. Sphenophyllum sp., Taeniopteris cf. T. multimervis Weiss, Taeniopteris sp., ?Zamiopteris sp., Cordaicarpus sp. (possibly the seed of Delnortea cf. D. abbottiae) as well as an unidentified specimen. This taphoflora shows some similarities with Gigantopteris Flora (Cathaysian Province), but is more closely related to the flora of the SW and the West of USA. These findings suggest that the Delnortea Flora represents a floral formation adapted to dry equatorial climatic conditions and was quite possibly widespread in the Central West region of Pangea during the Artinskian/Kunguri

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