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Tannin treated water for use in the emulsion polymerization of SBR

Author(s): Isabele Mendes de Oliveira | Vinícius Cruz | Leila Léa Yuan Visconte | Élen Beatriz Acordi Vasques Pacheco | Márcia Dezotti

Journal: Polímeros
ISSN 0104-1428

Issue: ahead;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Emulsion polymerization | biodegradable | renewable resources | rubber

The toxicity of residues formed during water treatment is mainly a function of the chemicals used. The inorganic flocculants, when used, give rise to compounds harmful to humans and to the environment. An alternative solution is the use of tannins. However, despite the environmental benefits, when using tannin-based products in the treatment of industrial water, modifications may be imparted to the final product. In this work, tannin was evaluated as flocculating agent to treat the water used in the emulsion polymerization to produce SBR. The results show that good stability of the latex and acceptable color in the rubber can be achieved.

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