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Author(s): Anamitra Palit

Journal: International Journal of Economics and Research
ISSN 2229-6158

Volume: 03;
Issue: 06;
Start page: 76;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Electrodynamics | electrodes | electromotive

We may consider a flat rectangular plate moving horizontally in a vertical magnetic field,motion being in a direction perpendicular to the length of the plate. We have an induced emf=BLV[B,L and V having their usual/conventional meanings] between the tips,in the length wise direction of the conductor perpendicular to the motion.That's the axial EMF. During the formation of the axial emf a current flows along the length of the conductor. This current should get deflected in the lateral direction due to the existing magnetic field, producing a transverse emf between the lateral edges.If the tips are connected by a wire we have a closed circuit condition--we should simply have the Hall voltage between the lateral edges[in the direction of the motion].And we can show this by calculation.The question that naturally arises: Would it be possible to use these voltages as supplementary power sources in moving vehicles---in moving trains,cars ,airplanes etc., utilizing the earth's magnetic field? In fact the induced current running out through the wheels in moving trains is at the cost of the engine power. We could think of saving this energy. The other alternative would be to use the energy --the energy that is already being wasted.Saving the energy might increase the speed of the train by a negligible amount spread over a long period of time.But if we use the wasted energy over a long period of time we will gain Ampere-hours--more especially so in consideration of so many trains covering long distances. We could also think of storing the charge running out of the wheels and use it in future.Another application would be to move objects in the earth's magnetic field by tidal ,wind or hydro power[of flowing rivers] and utilize the induced emf in a productive way. We have the ready-made field of the earth very much in favor of such enterprise/endeavor
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