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Taxonomic changes in palaeotropical Xyleborini (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae)

Author(s): Jiri Hulcr

Journal: ZooKeys
ISSN 1313-2989

Volume: 56;
Start page: 105;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Ambrosia beetles | xyleborini reclassification | Debus | Microperus | Taphrodasus

Following the recent reclassification of the Palaeotropic xyleborine genera (Hulcr & Cognato 2010a), additional species are transferred to correct genera or synonymized based on analysis of their morphological characters. The following species are given new combinations: Debus amphicranoides (Hagedorn), comb. n., Debus birmanus (Eggers, 1930), comb. n., Debus dolosus (Blandford 1896), comb. n., Debus eximius (Schedl, 1970), comb. n., Debus interponens (Schedl, 1954), comb. n., Debus robustipennis (Schedl, 1954), comb. n., Debus spinatus (Eggers, 1923), comb. n., Microperus alpha (Beeson 1929), comb. n., Microperus corporaali (Eggers), comb. n., Microperus eucalyptica (Schedl, 1938), comb. n., Microperus nugax (Schedl, 1939), comb. n., Pseudowebbia percorthylus (Schedl, 1935), comb. n., Truncaudum circumcinctus (Schedl, 1941), comb. n. The following species are synonymized: Arixyleborus hirtipennis (Eggers), syn. n., with Arixyleborus puberulus (Blandford); Coptoborus palmeri (Hopkins), syn. n., with Debus emarginatus (Eichhoff); Coptoborus terminaliae (Hopkins), syn. n., with Debus emarginatus (Eichhoff); Cyclorhipidion polyodon (Eggers), syn. n., with Truncaudum agnatum (Eggers); Euwallacea artelaevis (Schedl), syn. n., with Planiculus bicolor (Blandford); Xyleborinus perminutissimus (Schedl), syn. n., with Xyleborinus perpusillus (Eggers); Xyleborus exesus Blandford, syn. n., with Debus emarginatus (Eichhoff); Xyleborus fulvulus (Schedl), syn. n., with Microperus corporaali (Eggers); Xyleborus marginicollis (Schedl), syn. n., with Diuncus justus (Schedl); Xyleborus shoreae Stebbing, syn. n., with Debus fallax (Eichhoff). The following species are given new status: Streptocranus superbus (Schedl, 1951), restored name; Webbia divisus Browne 1972, restored name; Webbia penicillatus (Hagedorn 1910), restored name. Genus Taphrodasus Wood (1980) is declared not valid.
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