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A Test on the Systematic Fuzzy Measurement of the Key degree for the Core Employees’ Performance Traits

Author(s): Xiao-wei LIANG

Journal: Canadian Social Science
ISSN 1712-8056

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 38;
Date: 2006;
Original page

According to the employees’ embedded performance view of organizational social capital and its theoretic analytic dimensions, the core knowledge employees’ key performance traits are operationally defined as key degree with seven measuring dimensions. A scale for measuring the key degree is developed and empirically analyzed by means of questionnaire with Cronbach’s α >0.7 and significant three-factor-structure validity. And then systematic fuzzy decision theory is introduced to comprehensively measure the key degree indicator (KDI) of the core employees’ performance traits with the third party test, and the results initially show satisfied discriminating rate of the core employees (94%) from the sample and significant correlation between KDI and the organizational innovation performance (R=0.82, P0.7 de Cronbach et la validité de la structure de trois facteurs signifiante. Puis la théorie de décison systématique et floue est introduite afin de mesurer le degré clé indicateur (key degree indicator /KDI) des traits de la performance des employés importants avec la troisième partie de test, et les résultats montrent au début un taux de distinction satisfaiseant des employés (94%) dans un échantillon et une corrélation signifiante entre KDI et la performance d’innovation organizationnelle(R=0.82, P

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