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Three-Dimensional Planar Metallic Lenses Based on Concentric Rings with Modulated Subwavelength Width

Author(s): Di Feng | Chunxi Zhang | Lishuang Feng | Yuanhong Yang

Journal: Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Applications
ISSN 1942-0730

Volume: 04;
Issue: 12;
Start page: 485;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Subwavelength Structures | Focus | Surface Plasmons | Diffractive Lenses

A kind of Subwavelength Planar Metallic Lenses (SPMLs) is proposed to realize far-field optical focusing in the visible range based on concentric rings with modulated width in a silver film. The width of each metallic ring is mutative so that the radiation fields of surface plasmon polaritons can be controlled and the relevant phase retardations can be modulated to make a beam focus at the desired position. For comparison, the Subwavelength Planar Dielectric Lenses (SPDLs) structured on silica glass with the same concentric ring shapes as SPMLs are analyzed, although without opaque metal coating on SPDLs, the computational results show that SPMLs can support higher intensity focal spot, narrower full-width half-maximum beam width, and longer depth of focus at the focal region under certain lens thickness due to the coupling of surface plasomon polaritons, diffracted evanescent waves and propagated electromagnetic waves.
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