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Total Level of Serum Homocysteine in Males and Females with Coronary Heart Disease of Different Age Groups

Author(s): Faisal I. Mohammad | Sally Awawdeh | Akram Saleh | Nabil A. Bashir

Journal: American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
ISSN 1553-3468

Volume: 6;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 116;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Coronary heart disease | homocysteine | diabetes | vitamin B | folate | age | male | female

Problem statement: Elevated plasma total homocysteine concentration is a risk factor of cardiovascular disease. Total homocysteine level is a strong predictor of mortality in-patient with an angiographically confirmed Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), so we want to know at what age in males and females elevated homocysteine will be significantly elevated and this will help for better management and prognosis by decreasing the level of homocysteine. Approach: Plasma level of homocysteine was determined in male and female patients below and above 50 years old, who have coronary heart disease with diabetes or without diabetes. Fifty two coronary heart diseases with type 2 diabetic patients and a matched number of healthy subjects as a control and another 52 coronary heart disease patients without diabetes were included in this study. Plasma homocysteine was determined by Enzymatic Immuno Sorbant Assay (ELISA). Results: Plasma homocysteine level in coronary heart disease diabetic male and female patients who are 50 years old, respectively. Plasma homocysteine level in coronary heart disease nondiabetic male and female patients who are 50 years old, respectively. Conclusion: It is concluded that plasma level of homocysteine is significantly elevated in diabetic coronary heart disease female patients above 50 years old and significantly elevated in nondiabetic coronary heart disease males and female patients, thus nondiabetic coronary heart disease male and female patients and diabetic coronary female patients are at high risk of vascular diseases. It is recommended that these patients may take supplementation of folate and vitamin B12 to reduce the level of homocysteine.
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