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Author(s): Mihaela Gabriela Neacşu, Georgiana Dumitru

Journal: Language and Literature : European Landmarks of Identity
ISSN 1843-1577

Volume: 9;
Issue: 2011;
Start page: 399;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: communication competence | educational counseling service | gender dimension.

The paper presents the construction and functionality of a model of educational counseling service, offered to the students carrying out the pedagogical teaching practice with the purpose of training for a teaching career. This praxiological model is based on a diagnosis and a need analysis performed in the Romanian academic environment upon the initial training of the future teachers related to the gender issue. In the process of the Romanian students’ initial training for a teaching career, the pedagogical teaching practice is a fundamental part of the psycho-pedagogical training, not only by its mainly formative role, but also by the weight that this subject holds within the psycho-pedagogical training curriculum of the Departments for the Teachers’ Training in the Romanian universities.The pedagogical teaching practice gives functionality and applicative value to theoretical knowledge acquired in the 2 years of psycho-pedagogical studies. Practicing the roles of future teachers, the contact with the schools, the work with the pupils, the teamwork with the mentors in schools as well as with the university coordinators draw the students near the labour market and make them responsible as grown-ups, preparing them especially in point of their attitudes and behaviour for the job of a teacher. That is why we consider very important that our students’ gender behaviour and practical teaching experiences should be optimized so that they could be trained when they begin their teaching career as teachers on probation; thus they can understand better the factors influencing the process of pupils’ becoming aware of gender, identify and fight against the gender prejudices within the school frame and last, but not least, be prepared to develop gender interpersonal relationships and a genuine gender partnership.By the activities of educational counseling, during the teaching practice, the students take part in different (real and simulated) situations of experiencing and transformative learning, of reflection upon the way of didactic choices which may influence the processes of gender construction in pupils. The advantages are felt by each student and are caused by the degree of involvement of each one in the role games/practical exercises of practicing the new behaviours which are afterwards used in the everyday activity. The activities of educational counseling are focused on life patterns, practice and experiences (masculine as well of feminine ones) with a high potential of respecting the principle of equal chances in education in point of gender. The paper also presents the methodology, but also the psycho-pedagogical tools used in the activities of educational counseling focused on the students’ gender exploitation in the pedagogical teaching practice.
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