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Transdermal delivery of anti-fungal drug using elastic liposomes

Author(s): Pallaw Ghodeswar | Kavita Rai Gajbhiye

Journal: International Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences
ISSN 0976-1055

Volume: 1;
Issue: 4;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Elastic liposomes | griseofulvin | Transdermal delivery.

Present study was aimed at exploring transdermal delivery of anti-fungal drug griseofulvin by means of elastic liposomes, which are adequately flexible to cross the intact skin barrier. The ultradeformable vesicles were prepared by the use of soyabean phosphatidylcholine (SPC) with Sodium cholate used as surfactants in a ratio (w/w) of 84:16. Elastic liposomes were characterized for shape and size by transmission electron microscopy. The amount of griseofulvin permeated through rat skin was found to be about 4 times higher in case of elastic liposomes as compared to conventional liposomes. The ultradeformable vesicles showed a transdermal flux of 40.7±1.9 μg/h/cm2 which was significantly higher (p

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