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Treatment of peunomovaginitis in dairy cattle by caslick operation

Author(s): S. N. Dehghani, | M. Yavari | M. Kafi

Journal: Research Opinions in Animal & Veterinary Sciences
ISSN 2221-1896

Volume: 1;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 349;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Cattle | Pneumovaginitis | Caslick

Pneumovagina is caused by faulty closure of the lips of vulva as results of poor conformation or traumatic injuries to the vagina due to abnormal handling of the fetus during delivery. The present study was carried out to describe the beneficial effects of caslick operation in cattle affected by pneumovaginitis and infertility syndrome. 27 Holstein dairy cattle were referred to the veterinary teaching hospital of the Shiraz Veterinary School affected by pnumovagina and repeat breeder syndrome. Vulvoplasty or caslick operation was performed under local analgesia. Two third of vulva lips were apposed and the distal third was left open for ease of urination. The vulva lips had an angle of 30° from the vertical plane in 10 (37.0%) cows and an angle of 45° degree in 17 (62.9%) cases. The vulvoplasty was healed very well in 24 (88.8%) cases and required another attempt in 3 (11.11%) cases. Caslick operation described in this study helped to improve fertility and reduce repeat breeder syndrome in Holstein dairy cows treated. Artificial insemination is advised for cows with caslick operation and a week prior to delivery the vaginal fissure should be reopened manually for ease of normal parturition.
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