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The Trend Analysis on China's Agricultural Natural Risks and Improvement of the Ability of Disaster Mitigation

Author(s): Jian Wang | Lijuan Qiao | Yueling Zhang | Junyan Zhao | Zhengjia Wang | Rehman Abdur | Xing Li

Journal: Research in World Economy
ISSN 1923-3981

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2013;
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In accordance with the concept of the agricultural natural disasters formed in China, by means of over 20 years of major disasters occurred panel data of recorded, it defined and measured the rates of disaster reduction and disaster affected, and gives the interpretation of mitigation agricultural natural disasters. According to the extent and the area of distribution of a variety of disasters in the losses of crop, use of basic statistical methods to analyze the development trend and the affected area's variation of various disasters. Such as, it discussed the natural disaster's long-term changes in the diversity and complexity of features. Finally, from the perspective of macro policy it studies the responds and mitigation measures to cope with agricultural natural disasters.
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