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Türkiye’de Yerel Yönetimlerin Çevreye Yönelik Politikaları: Konya Selçuklu Belediyesi SELKAP Örneği

Author(s): Ayşe ÇOBAN | Selim KILIÇ

Journal: Selcuk Universitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitusu Dergisi
ISSN 1302-1796

Issue: 22;
Start page: 117;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Local Governments | Konya | Seljuk Municipality | Environment | Selkap

In this study, the municipal district of Konya Seljuk, which has to take service to have population more than many provincesof Turkey, policies for the protection of the environment have been addressed. The policy of SELKAP project (Seljuk CityResource Allocation in Project) is examined, particularly with solid waste management of packaging waste management andapplication results of the application form have been analyzed.Increasing environmental pollution come back to the people with boomerang effect both as health problems and economiclosses. Man's production capacity is limited to the sustainability of natural systems. In fact, scientific and technologicaldevelopments may lead to harmful consequences for the environment which is extremely expressed by George Perkins Marsh in1864 in his work, "Man and Nature". Studies such as Malthus's population, Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring", The Tragedy of theCommons by Garrett Hardin are the ones on environmental protection and the creation of environmental awareness in society inthe direction of the have put forward are working.Come into prominence of urbanization each passing day, rural-urban migration of the population of people living in urbanareas as well as the expectations for increasing the quality of life, dragging the local governments to the new local governments aredragging to the new quests. Today, as a local governing body, municipalities have been observed in lots of studies in manydifferent areas to protect the environment and to prevent environmental pollution. If these are desired to stated in main topics;increasing the quality of air, better managing the water resources, conserving the quality of soil, recovering the flora and fauna,solid waste management and recycling, noise pollution, prevention of municipal issues such as new access to the expansions.Population growth, rising living standards, technological development and the amount of solid waste the city to becomeparallel and variations are increasing with each passing day. The negative effects of these wastes to nature have become a majorenvironmental problem. Depending on the changes in consumption habits of people solid wastes in plastic, glass, papercardboardcan be recycled, such as the amount or nature of the waste is increasing day by day. This article about an importantplace in solid waste in a healthy way of assessing whether the recovery of natural resources conservation, energy savings andeconomic reasons have become mandatory.In addition, the industrial revolution and urbanization, as well as excessive consumption of unconscious behavior of today'senvironmental problems were uncovered. The environment for sustainable development is an important location. Differencesbetween countries, although some protection of ecological values in recent years one of the most controversial issue has become.This discussion of the sensitivity of people to the environment increases, the sensitivity of the new developments in the politicalfield constituted. Came to power through elections in particular mechanisms for environmental management units in order tomeet social needs must develop new policies. In the countries increased environmental awareness, with impact of internal andexternal dynamics rapid increases seen in political organizations.Political evolutions for the protection of the environment, under the concept of political ecology are tried to explain. Politicalecology, natural and man by the hand out of all the problems relating to the environment, the organizations in the struggle forpower by successful efforts to contain to be politicized. Another perspective of political ecology, political organizations came topower by elections, the electoral process to be successful in what kind of policy was made for environmental issues are addressed.Social awareness in environmental issues in developed countries where per job with general local government elections to produce discussion focuses on particular functions of local government and local governments in this process are to establish newmissions.Local governments perform the control and service duties about all issues that may lead environmental pollution. Of these,particularly the municipalities, waste pollution, waste water pollution, air pollution, parks and green spaces and the installation ofthe protection, visual pollution, noise pollution and other types of pollution control will do this with are trying to solve problems.The actualizing successfully of the resource allocation projects which are enter in to force by municipalities primarily toperform the effective implementation of legislation and public awareness about solid waste and recycling needs. People do notadopt the execution of applications is quite difficult.In this context, solid waste and recycling issues by giving weight to practical training, the studies about recovery must extend.Bureaucratic obstacles to be faced by the municipality must remove and the municipality for such applications should beencouraged. In addition, legislation to punish those who acted against the interests of effective implementation of the legislation isnecessary.On the other hand, as well as seasonal difficulties of transport and route issues to be reviewed frequently, the systemeffectively and efficiently carried out for the establishment of the related units, the necessary equipment and machinery for thereceipt of municipal sources of problems to be solved is of great importance. Through the channel of the Municipal Association,solid waste disposal facilities should be provided in association canceled for regional solutions.Made an extensive review of the project is SELKAP projects and timing of application areas will increase was seen. Inaddition, this project can be considered as a leading project to local governments and especially municipalities that have newsearches for the protection of the environment. However, as with any project, relevant parties/stakeholders need to be moresensitive to be successful such projects

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