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Two new Typhloreicheia species from Sardinia and their biogeographical significance (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Scaritinae)

Author(s): Achille Casale | Paolo Marcia

Journal: ZooKeys
ISSN 1313-2989

Volume: 134;
Start page: 15;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Coleoptera | Carabidae | Scaritinae | Typhloreicheia | new species | Sardinia | adaptive radiation

Typhloreicheia monacha sp. n. and T. ilianae sp. n. are described from two caves of Central-Eastern Sardinia (Nuoro province): the Bue Marino cave and the Nurra ‘e Pradu cave, respectively. Both caves are located in the part of the island where many highly specialised subterranean carabid beetles are localised. T. monacha is apparently related to two other species of the same area, i.e. T. onnisi Casale & Magrini, 2004 and T. elegans (Dodero, 1916); T. ilianae is closely related to T. henroti Jeannel, 1957, known from a cave near Dorgali. Relationships and diagnostic features among these taxa are discussed and illustrated, and a key for identification of the specialised subterranean Typhloreicheia species of Sardinia is provided. The hypothesis of adaptive radiation of Reicheiina species in Sardinia, recently proposed by the senior author of this contribution, is further elaborated in light of new data.

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