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Ultrasonic agar phantom experiment for comparison of the measurement accuracy of tissue elasticity obtained by displacement vector measurement using lateral modulation with multidimensional autocorrelation and Doppler methods and corresponding one-dimensional methods

Author(s): Sumi C | Shimizu K

Journal: Reports in Medical Imaging
ISSN 1179-1586

Volume: 2011;
Issue: default;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Chikayoshi Sumi, Kunio ShimizuDepartment of Information and Communication Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University, Chiyoda, Tokyo, JapanAbstract: Comparison of the measurement accuracy of elasticity was performed through agar phantom experiments, ie, two-dimensional (2D) strain tensor components and 2D shear modulus reconstruction obtained by previously developed multidimensional displacement vector measurement methods on the basis of autocorrelation and Doppler methods (2D AM and 2D DM) and the corresponding 1D methods. The multidimensional methods yield more accurate and stable results than the corresponding 1D methods. As is shown, however, such 1D methods can also be used when the echo signal-to-noise ratio is high, eg, obtainable by previously developed lateral modulation with parabolic apodizations.Keywords: ultrasound, lateral modulation, displacement vector measurement, accuracy, multidimensional methods, one-dimensional methods, tissue elasticity, strain tensor, shear modulus, agar phantom experiment
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